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Manufacture of badges

Manufacture of badges: lapel pins, badges, key chains, tie bars, cuff links

Design Image Company is a manufacturer of corporate symbols made of metal such as copper, zinc, tin and steel. Lapel pins, badges, key chains, tie bars, cuff links, brooches, cockades, uniform buttons and belt buckles, money holders, nameplates are manufactured using traditional methods such as stamping, casting and photoetching.

Badges with corporate symbols are an unconventional marketing tactic and an effective long-term advertising strategy.

Stamping is a traditional method of making badges. The standard thickness of the items depends on the size and ranges from 1 to 1.4 mm for steel and from 1.2 to 1.6 mm for copper alloys.

Casting and centrifugal casting of tin and zinc alloys are used for manufacturing complex-shaped and 3D badges. The thickness of the items varies from 2 to 5 mm depending on the size and complexity of the relief. Since a low-melting metal is used for casting, only soft enamels are required. Matte metallic surface can be obtained only by matte finishing.

Photoetching is a more cost-effective method of making flat badges. The thickness of the items is 0.8 mm. The thickness can be increased to 1.0 - 1.2 mm at the customer’s request.

Lapel pins measure 13 - 30 mm, badges and graduate pins – 40-50 mm, key chains – 30 - 45 mm, cuff links – 15 - 22 mm, tie bars – 50 - 65 mm. Generally, standard holders shown in Section Accessories available with various facings are used for making tie bars. Tie bars customized to any shape and size are available upon request.

Badges can be manufactured in various shapes (see Shape of badges) either in flat or 3D designs.

A wide range of fasteners are available for lapel pins such as euro fasteners, collet fastener, safety pin, stick pin with a pointed end, and for badges such as two euro fasteners, two collet fasteners or screw.

A lot of attachments are available for key chains such as ring with a chain, different types of carabiners, ring with a leather item and others (see Accessories).

Due to the use of a wide range of different enamels and a variety of decorative coatings, we can implement the most daring design solutions.

All these technologies make it possible to obtain high-quality products. The cost of products depends on the chosen technology, size, type of plating and enamels, used fastener and number of items. The minimum run quantity of lapel pins, badges, key chains, cockades and cufflinks is 100 pieces. The optimum run quantity of products made of copper alloys is 300 pieces and more, of steel – 500 pieces and more.