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Charles Le Brun

About the company

Design Image Company was founded in 1999. The first project of the company included the development of design concept and supervision over production of the international socio-political magazine “President” which was presented during the international summit in the Crimea. Just then we manufactured, for the first time, exclusive gifts and souvenirs which were given to the presidents of the countries-participants of the meeting. The bar has been set high, and since then the staff of our company has been doing everything to improve their skills year by year. Today, Design Image Company is a manufacturing enterprise with a large experience and long-standing traditions of quality. We produce corporate awards, image building metal products, exclusive textiles, VIP gifts and flag symbols.

The unconditional priorities of Design Image Company are style and elegance, creation of highly artistic products that contribute to the formation of the company’s image. The basic principles of our company are love for work and high level of responsibility for outcome of work. Charles Le Brun, head of the French school of art under King Louis XIV of France, has become the symbol and embodiment of this approach for Design Image Company.

Professionalism, high quality of manufactured products, unconditional responsibility towards our customers have enabled us to establish long-term partnerships with a number of leading enterprises and organizations in Ukraine and Russia.

Our company is able to meet the highest requirements in terms of style and beauty of products you order. We use the latest technologies, we work with carefully selected materials and deliver products right on time.

Design Image Company is a manufacturing enterprise with a great working experience, long standing traditions of quality and sound reputation of a reliable business partner.

We are always open for fruitful cooperation.