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Manufacture of Corporate Textiles

Manufacture of Corporate Textiles: Ties, Neckties, Neck Scarves, Scarves, Kerchiefs, Head Scarves

A men's tie, a necktie and a neck scarf made in the original colour scheme with corporate symbols on the author's design will decorate and give exquisiteness to the business suit. Our exclusive handmade products will accentuate the uniqueness of your image. They can be an original gift, and pleasantly surprise your business partners, and will support the company's image and strengthen the corporate spirit in the office.

Manufacture of corporate ties is a complex creative process from idea to its realization. The designer on fabrics selects a colour scheme and creates a tie pattern offering several sketch options. Upon approval of the layout of a tie colour proofing is made, and the selected version of the image is worked out, then the fabric (silk or satin of the highest quality) are dyed using dye sublimation printing technique. Dye sublimation printing allows you to get the right colour of the product, make the most complex repeat with all tiny details. The fabric with the image comes to the sewing shop where it is cut out and then ties are sewed. Ties are handmade and consist of three parts, which ensures high quality, strength and elasticity of the product.

On the reverse side of the loop it is possible to print a logo or a company name. The tie has a standard length, 140 - 155 cm, and 170 - 175 cm for a Windsor node. The width of the tie depends on the fashion, now popular widths range from 7 to 10.5 cm.

The minimum number of items is 10 pieces of the same design.

Finished products are packed in a cone plastic bag. Upon the Customer’s request we can make a special gift package out of designer cardboard.

A men's necktie is an alternative to the tie. Design Image Company manufactures neckties using a trendy pattern with a loop at the end for threading the main tissue of the necktie which has fixed soft folds. The necktie of such style is easier to tie, it is better arranged in folds and looks very elegant. Neckties are made of silk and soft satin.

A neck scarf is a scarf which was traditionally used for protection against the weather. Today a neck scarf is rather an element of style. A neck scarves with a logo elegantly integrated into the fabric is a great corporate gift. Manufacturing of neck scarves is similar to manufacturing of ties. Our company can offer you silk neck scarves and heated neck scarves, neck scarves with the author’s pattern harmoniously combining with a tie.

Corporate women's scarves are made of chiffon, multi chiffon and other light fabrics. The size of the scarf is 140x34 and 148x34 cm, the border of the item is processed with thermal cutting and by micro serger. Your branded scarf will have an exclusive design, European quality and will be presented in a beautiful gift box.

A corporate kerchief or head scarf is an elegant way to point out the company's representative in the office, in a public place, at an exhibition or presentation. Our designers on fabrics are happy to give upon your request various creative designs of this product. Head scarves are made of chiffon, silk, fine satin. These fabrics are well dyed, easily arranged in folds, and have a pleasant texture. The sizes of the kerchiefs vary depending on the Customer’s wishes. The size of the classic kerchiefs is 70x70 cm, neckties – 50x50 and 60x60 cm, head scarves – 65x65x100 and 70x70x110 cm. The border of the items is processed thermal cutting, then by micro serger or using double turndown with a straight stitch. The item can be made to bespoke sizes. The minimum run quantity of the product of the same design is 10 pieces.

Kerchiefs, scarves and head scarves are made out of carefully selected high-quality fabrics using environmentally friendly textile dyes.

A separate category is textile for fan clubs. Warm and subtle scarves, kerchiefs, bandanas, hats, bags, that are items with club colours, are no longer a rarity at the stadiums and sports complexes. We are ready to design and manufacture any textile products for fans, which will become a source of pride and belonging to their beloved club.

Design Image Company can rapidly manufacture any series of ties, neck scarves, neckties, scarves, kerchiefs, head scarves and other textiles of European high quality and gift package for them as well. Our products will delight you and revive your spirits.