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Design Image Company inside view


Design Image Company ensures high quality of products at the best prices. Particularly worth mentioning is the individual process of working with artists having large knowledge in the field of heraldry and graphic design. The bringing to life of the most daring design ideas is provided by powerful technical capabilities of the company: full production cycle; use of modern equipment and latest technologies; use of carefully selected high-quality materials; implemetation of quality control system in the manufacturing process at all production stages.

A flexible pricing policy of our company and long-term relationships with suppliers of consumable materials enable us not only to make discounts for permanent customers, but also to keep our prices at competitive levels.

Design Image Company LLC produces:

Metal products

  • collars, orders, medals, badges, boxes and certificates for them
  • commemorative and sports medals
  • corporate kits: lapel pins, tie pins, cuff links, key chains, brooches, medallions, kerchief clips
  • uniform accessories: buttons, cockades, tags, belt buckles.

Textile symbols

  • outdoor and table flags, colours, flags
  • standards, table flags and pennants
  • banners, streamers.

Corporate clothing and accessories

  • ties, neck scarves, scarves, kerchiefs and gift package for them
  • workwear for waiters and bartenders
  • wear for promotional events
  • chevrons and club colours
  • designer fabrics
  • bandanas, pareus, bags
  • elements of sportswear, start numbers, wraps for referees.

Interior textiles

  • curtains, screens, panels
  • table textiles: tablecloths, napkins, toppers, table skirts
  • paintings and photos on silk
  • decorative pillows, bedspreads.

Printing Product

  • catalogues, booklets, folders
  • calendars, posters, advertising prospectus
  • Letters of recognition, greeting cards, invitations.

Souvenir products

  • VIP gifts of metal with gold plating, silver plating and rhinestones encrusting
  • exclusive textile
  • diplomas and certificates on metal and on silk
  • paper and fabric packages.

Design Image Company offers design works on

  • logos, trademarks, corporate identity and its elements
  • armorial bearings, coat of arms, awards, flags, standards
  • ties, neck scarves, scarves and kerchiefs
  • interior and table textiles.