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Manufacture of Flag Emblems: Flags, Colours, Standards, Pennants and Table Flags

A corporate flag and a corporate standard highlight the status of the company and are an essential element of corporate identity. Design Image Company manufactures colours, flags, national and territorial flags, flags of countries of the world, corporate flags, standards, streamers, banners, advertising banners by dye sublimation thermal printing method using sophisticated Japanese equipment.

Flags, colours and standards are made of satin, gabardine, crepe satin, perforated flag fabric. The choice of fabric depends on the purpose of the flag. Perforated flag fabric with a density of 115 - 130 g/ sq. m is used for outdoors. Perforated flag fabric has good dyeing properties, and is resistant to atmospheric conditions. When using perforated flag fabric with a density of 115 g/sq.m the flag may be one-sided, especially if the flag is placed high. When perforated flag fabric with a density of 130 g/sq.m the flag is desirable to be made double-sided (with the reverse side being a mirror image of the front). The flags measure 90x135, 140x210 and 150x250 cm.

It is advisable to make two sets of flags for outdoor use to guarantee the required conditions of use. Outdoor flags should be washed or cleaned at least once a month. Then, your flags will last longer and have a presentable appearance.

Table flags are made of luxury perforated flag fabric, polyester silk, gabardine, and satin. When using satin and gabardine a flag or a standard is made from two sheets, on each of which an image is printed; a hard interlining is provided inside to keep the form of the flag. The edge along the perimeter is processed by thermal cutting and ornamented with a gold or silver fringe.

Flag fixtures are an important element for placing your flag, therefore we recommend you to choose the right types of fixtures and accessories when ordering a flag.

Types of flag fixtures:

  • pocket for pole
  • eyelets
  • clips
  • rope loops.

Standards should be attached to the railing of gold or nickel colour and finished with a twisted cord of matching colour. Size of standards – 50x60, 60x70, 70x90 and 80x100 cm.

Pennants and table flags are great attributes of corporate identity of a company or an organization. Our modern equipment enables to print on pennants not only symbols, but also a full colour image. Design Image Company manufactures pennants of satin by dye sublimation thermal printing method. Pennants are made double-sided, an image is printed on both sides or only the one (provided that the reverse side is one-coloured), an interlining can be hard or soft. Along the perimeter the pennant is processed by thermal cutting and finished with a decorative cord or fringe. The pennant at the bottom can be decorated with a tassel upon the customer’s request.

Pennants have different shapes, the best selling are pentagonal pennants with a hard interlining 15x20 cm in size and car pennants – triangular pennants with a soft interlining 10x15 cm in size. Pennants can be of complex shaped forms.

The minimum run quantity of pennants is 5 pieces.

Table flags are made of polyester silk, nylon, satin and crepe satin. Generally, one-sided small flags are made of thin nylon or thin polyester silk to dye the reverse side of the item as much as possible. When using satin or crepe satin it is preferable to make small flags as double-sided. A double-sided small flag consist of a single sheet, the image on the reverse side is printed in mirror image so that the reverse side of the small flag has the same colour intensity as the front. The edge of the item is processed by thermal cutting.

Flag and pennant stands are made of plastic, metal or wood. Flag stands may be single, double, triple, as also suitable for placing a number of small flags in a row. Plastic stands are made of impact-resistant white plastic, metal stands are made of stainless steel. Wooden stands are made of pine painted in dark brown colour. Pennant stands have a special slot at the top of the flagpole and a pike. For pennant stands we can make a base of marble or artificial stone.

Design Image Company guarantees high quality of products and short terms of manufacture. We only deal with carefully selected materials and environmentally friendly dyes resistant to atmospheric changes. Our products may be ironed and cleaned without any damage to the image. Flags, colours, standards, pennants and small flags manufactured by Design Image Company will please you for years.