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Textiles in Interior Design

Textiles in Interior Design

Design Image Company can help to bring various design ideas and fancies to life from printing photos and art works to reproducing ancient textile patterns making it possible to maintain the original style of the interior.

Individual work with textile designers, well-equipped production facilities, product quality control at all production stages enable rapid and efficient manufacturing of exclusive textiles.

For restaurants, cafes, bars, Design Image Company can offer high-quality table textile: tablecloths and toppers, runners and napkins, table skirts, chair covers, and uniforms for cooks and waiters. When manufacturing table textile we use only proven professional fabrics featuring tablecloth fabric characteristics, that is, fabrics that are most in demand with restaurateurs. They can also have a dirt- and water-repellent coating or a Teflon coating. Our collection includes fabrics made in Holland, Spain, Turkey, China and Belarus, so more than 250 articles in total.

The size of the tablecloth is determined by the size of the tabletop. Usually the overlap of the tablecloth is 25 - 35 cm. The main one-colour tablecloth can be covered from above with a topper or a runner serving a decorative function and making care for the main tablecloth easier. The topper and runners may be of a contrasting colour to the main tablecloth and have a brand image. It can be a stylish graphic or logo of your restaurant highlighting the reputable level of the place, or a more daring design perfectly fitting into the specified interior.

To protect tables from moisture, heat and mechanical damage we can offer a table pad, an under-tablecloth damping sound and providing a more secure fit of the main tablecloth on the table.

Serving napkins have not only aesthetic but also practical function of protecting clothing from accidental drops. We can sew napkins of any size upon your request, although the standard size remains 45x45 cm. An exclusive image can be printed on the napkins.

Chair covers will help you to hide minor flaws and will protect expensive furniture from damage. If your place has several rooms or parlours, you can create a unique personal style of each by changing easily the colour of tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and their design, thus provoking an additional interest in the place from the visitors.

Table skirts are very convenient for banquets and buffet receptions. They allow not only to create various combinations of tables, but also decorate and highlight the solemnity of the event. Table skirts are made complete with a tablecloth.

Uniform for staff is another area of textile design for the place. Workwear for waiters and bartenders is a part of the image of the restaurant and has purely practical functions. For tailoring we use high-strength special fabrics made in Holland.

When designing tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and uniforms, upon maintaining the style and colour scheme of your place our specialists can offer an original design for decorative finishing which will become harmonically integrated with the existing interior and will delight your visitors. We use dye sublimation thermal printing technology to print images on fabrics. We use only high-quality textile dyes capable of sustaining repeated washing without any deterioration of the fabric. Tablecloths and napkins can be easily ironed, they give a pleasant feeling to the touch, do not fade when washed, may be dry-cleaned.

Tablecloths with corporate symbols are used to decorate tables for exhibitions, also to decorate halls of the canteens and cafes at the enterprises; often tablecloths can also be found in the banquet halls of the companies. The tablecloth can be a wonderful gift for employees and partners for holiday.

Paintings by famous artists made on silk and decorated with an elegant frame have become very popnlar in recent years. Our specialists have created a large base of reproductions of paintings by great artists. Paintings are classified by names of artists (in alphabetical order) and genres. All reproductions of paintings are as close to the original in colour rendering as possible. Currently, our picture gallery has over 200 works and is constantly updated with new works.

A painting, a genre photography, a family portrait made on silk is an excellent decorative item for the interior, and a great gift as well.

Design Image Company can also manufacture original decorative and souvenir pillows. Pillows come in different colours and shapes, with a portrait of your honey or portraits of children, with a pleasant scenery or beloved pets, with funny images that make you smile. Sizes of pillows: square pillows – 35x35 and 40x40 cm; rectangular pillows – 50x37 cm; round pillows – 45 cm. Decorative and souvenir pillows are made out of satin, crepe satin, gabardine and fleece. The inner pillow case is made out of coarse calico, the filler – out of ball silicone, fill fiber (hypoallergenic synthesized fiber). Photos of different pillows are shown in the gallery “Decorative Pillows”.

The exclusive interior textiles for beauty connoisseurs, textile wallpaper, panels, paintings, curtains, tablecloths, chair covers, craftwork decorative pillows and bedspreads will add colours and highlight the individual style of your place.