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Gifts and Souvenirs

Gifts and Souvenirs

Design Image Company continues and improves the tradition of designing and manufacturing VIP-level souvenirs. These are stylish products with the use of metal and glass, medals and plaques made using stamping technique in “PROOF-LIKE” quality and casting and encrusted with rhinestones. These products are created by top qualified sculptors and portrait medalists. We can offer a various range of shapes, sizes and material combinations. If desired, you can attach a metal plate containing a greeting text to the souvenir and pack it in a gift box.

A medal may be of different shape and size, mounted on a stone, glass or wooden base, on a ribbon and in a box, have an image on one or both sides, and yet in any design it will appear decent and expressive. The standard sizes of medals manufactured by Design Image Company are 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 mm, plaques – 80x80, 120x70 mm. The minimum run quantity of medals is 50 pieces, plaques – 10 pieces.

Exclusive pens by German company WALDMANN made of silver and gold decorated with semi-precious and ornamental stones can be a wonderful gift that will satisfy the most delicate taste.

Due to the high quality of its products, the Waldmann Company has offices in 60 countries throughout the world.

The range of products available is wide and versatile: ballpoint pens, roller pens, fountain pens, pens, two-in-one pens, sets of writing instruments and accessories in a beautiful gift box. Most pens have a special border for printing the logo or name of the pen’s user; a packing box may also be used to personalize the pen.

You can order WALDMANN writing instruments with Design Image Company which is a dropship supplier of pens of this brand in Ukraine.

Diplomas, letters of recognition, certificates printed on metal and silk will be an ideal present for memorable dates, and for exhibitions, conferences, competitions and contests as well. The value of these products is that they are personalized and they are made on a rapid basis.

The specialists from Design Image Company are ready to develop original sketches of award diplomas and certificates upon your request. On final approval of the layouts the image is printed using dye sublimation onto a metal/aluminum plate coated with a thin polymer layer. The plate measures 300x600 mm and is 0.8 mm thick. The plate is gold or silver with a matte or glossy surface. The plates are cut to the required size (12x17, 19.5x27 and 26.5x34 cm) and finished with a frame; they have a wooden or stone substrate.

Diplomas, letters of recognition and certificates can be manufactured using dye sublimation printing on silk strengthened with compact interlining, and finished with frames available in a wide range. The items measure 15x20 and 21x30 cm. Bespoke sizes are available upon request.

Standard types of diplomas can be completed with plated accessories and packed in a gift box.

Design Image Company guarantees high quality of products and short terms of manufacture.