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Manufacture of Awards: Orders, Medals, Collars and Decorations

The real pride of Design Image Company are numerous awards created for enterprises, organizations and agencies. Orders, medals, collars and decorations are manufactured using traditional techniques of metal forming and working such as stamping and casting (see Manufacturing Processes for Metal Products). Products with complex shapes, high and low relief, combined platings, hard and soft vitreous enamels, encrusted with rhinestones are works of the medallic art. The design is developed according to the laws of heraldry. Forms of crosses, stars, shields, use of certain vegetal and ornamental elements, meaningful use of enamel colours – all that is subject to the applicable regulations.

Design Image Company will create for you an outstanding example of an award, help you to select the right technology, provide you with comprehensive information on all manufacturing steps, and most importantly, bring joy and aesthetic pleasure to whom this award is designated for.

We can make boxes for awards that will highlight the beauty of the product. You can choose a box available from our product range, or order a bespoke one. We also make certificates and diplomas for awards.

The cost of products depends on the chosen technology, size, type of plating and enamels, used fastener and number of items. The minimum run quantity of items is 30 pieces, and the optimum is 100 pieces.

Our products feature elegance, beautiful shape, happy composition, skillful selection of colours and hues, impeccable execution.